How to change a lock on a door


  1. Purchase a similar replacement door lock from a hardware store.

  2. Remove the old door lock from your door by unscrewing all the screws that hold it together. Once the old door lock has been taken out, you can now put the new lock in.

  3. Put the lock bolt into the opening from the edge of the door. Make sure it is properly positioned.

  4. Attach the screws that come with the lock bolt parts on the lock mechanism plate using a screwdriver. Make sure that the plate is properly aligned with the door.

  5. Place the outer part of the lock into the hole from outside of the door as shown in the picture on the left.

  6. Put the casing over the outer part of the lock (see picture). Put the lock cylinder into the hole making sure that it goes through the lock bolt opening or it is properly aligned. Push the cylinder all the way in. Make sure you can read the word marked on the casing (not upside down).

  7. From the other side of the door, put the back cover of the lock making sure the latch is pointing up. (See picture on the left)

  8. Unite both sides of the lock then put the screws one at a time. Use your fingers to pre-tighten them and make sure the screws are in the right place. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws all the way.

  9. Without closing the door, check to make sure the lock is assembled correctly and working from both inside and outside. Once it works, check how it works again with closed door.