How to replace a washer in a leaking tap

Things You’ll Need Crescent wrench Screwdriver set Washers/ceramic canister needle nose pliers Tips Many canister taps have lifetime warranties (e.g. Mohen), if you bring the old canister in you can get a new one free of charge. Steps Turn off the water to the tap. Look in the cabinet under the sink for knobs to stop the water, if not there … Read More

How to Change Halogen Downlights

Instructions    Turn off the halogen downlight and give it plenty of time to cool off. Halogen lights operate at very high temperatures. Set the step ladder beneath the halogen downlight. Make sure the ladder is locked in position and secure before climbing up. Remove the metal spring from the downlight. Some halogen downlights have a round metal spring that … Read More

How to change a lock on a door

Instructions: Purchase a similar replacement door lock from a hardware store. Remove the old door lock from your door by unscrewing all the screws that hold it together. Once the old door lock has been taken out, you can now put the new lock in. Put the lock bolt into the opening from the edge of the door. Make sure … Read More